About AutoScreencast

AutoScreencast is the video screencast production unit of Mirai LLP in Tokyo, acclaimed creators of top-selling education apps on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) since 2008.

We have developed a proprietary automated screencast production system that scripts the typing of code on-screen, generates the accompanying voice-over using the latest text-to-speech technology, and automatically plays other screen actions, such as showing screen overlays, during screencast recording. In other words, using this system, the entire screencast video is generated using a JSON data file as input.

Automated production allows for very quick iteration, which ultimately yields a high quality, low error, and consistent screencast product, that viewers can enjoy.

This website showcases some video screencasts that we have created using our automated system. Our goal is to refine our system to the point that it can be used by screencast authors everywhere to create the next generation of video screencasts.